crossing bully creedThe Butterflies of Grand Canyon | 2009

En route from St. Louis to visit her in-laws in Flagstaff, Arizona, young Jane Merkle meets two women botanists on the train. Their paths cross again after Jane, having lost her luggage and traded her fancy dresses for dungarees and a butterfly net, becomes enthralled....[more]


crossing bully creedCrossing Bully Creek | 2005

“On the sickbed there was no difference between man and woman, white and colored, rich and poor,” Rutha Brown observes at the beginning of this richly nuanced novel about the dawning of the Civil Rights Era in the rural South. Henry Detroit, the owner...[more]

crossing bully creedOld Love | 1996

Old Love is an honest and daring novel about the American family in our time, about shifting loyalties, about loss and rediscovery, about sexual initiation and the human hunger for intimacy. It is the story of Tommie and Frank Haas and their two precocious children ...[more]

crossing bully creedAugusta Cotton | 1992

Told through the voice of Augusta Cotton as she recollects her childhood, this imaginative novel captures the magical and turbulent times of two eleven-year-old girls searching for meaning in the quiet confusion that surrounds them. It is the end of 1963. Augusta’s...[more]


crossing bully creedBest American Spiritual Writing | 2005

The Best American series has been the premier annual s howcase for the country's finest short fiction and nonfiction since 1915. For each volume, the very best pieces are selected by a leading writer in the field, making the Best American series the most respected… [more]




butterflies of grand canyonbuy this book

“A lovely graceful book, a pleasure from start to finish…I admire the quick, vivid characterizations, the heightened language, the really serious effort to be truthful in the love scenes, like George Eliot—as though sworn on the witness stand.”

Isabel Miller, author of Patience and Sarah

. . .

“A delicately wrought parable of a young intellectual’s fall from the cool safety of her voyeuristic childhood Eden into the arms of a difficult first affair de Coeur—and into the arms of America. Ultimately, it tells the story of an ascent to womanhood, independence, and the ability to love.”

Jenifer Levin, author of Water Dancer


Unusual Company

Set on both coasts and in the teeming and luminous neighborhoods of Santa Fe, this is the story of how we love: how we arrive at love, and how we are haunted by our lovers when we leave them. Twenty-two-year-old Franny meets Claire, her first love, her first chosen teacher. Claire is older, more experienced sexually, more spiritual in orientation. These differences eventually create tension between them, a discrepancy of vision that explodes their love, driving them apart. Claire runs off to meet her spiritual fate in the South Pacific, and Franny goes west to the shore of the sea that now separates them. Only after risking her life against that sea—in a kayaking adventure with an unexpected twist—is she able to go on and learn from new lovers how to let Claire go.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Unusual Company

Margaret Erhart
E. P. Dutton / 1987
ISBN 0-525-24567-7